The Beauty of Football

Here it is. Super Bowl Sunday. Many men all over the country have been looking forward to this day whether as Falcons fans, Patriots fans or just fans of football watching to make sure the Patriots lose. Many women could care less about the Super Bowl. They’re either watching for the commercials and the half time show, or they’re stuck making the appetizers for the big party tonight. But I know as many women don’t care about the Super Bowl, there are just as many women out there like myself that do care. That enjoy the beauty of football. For those who can’t see the beauty in it and don’t understand why today is as big of a deal as it is, let me try and paint a picture for you.


You all know how divisive we’ve been as a country the last year. The line has been drawn the middle and on each side of the line you find screaming maniacs yelling over one another trying to prove why they’re right and the other person is wrong. Football is that giant pencil that gets to erase that line for a few hours. Millions of Americans will come together tonight to either watch my boo, Tom Brady, win his fifth ring or Matty Ice win his first. Those of us who aren’t Patriots or Falcons fans most likely will stick to our conference, or are just going to root for the Falcons because they aren’t the Patriots. But for a few hours, we can erase the line that’s divided us and come together to laugh over stupid commercials and cheer on whichever team we choose for the night, hopefully to victory.

Now it’s a bit easier for me to understand because I have been raised in a football loving family. We live and breathe football. In fact in our house there are two seasons; football season and waiting for football season. Especially as Husker football fans. You might be thinking to yourself, “Nebraska Huskers? What’s even in Nebraska?” You’re right. A lot of good corn and even better football. Outside of that, there isn’t much else. So when football season rolls around, over 90,000 of us gather in Memorial Stadium for what feels like one giant family reunion. You don’t know anyone around you besides your family but it doesn’t really feel that way. It feels like you’ve known these people forever. We’ve all come together to cheer on the men who work so hard day after day to victory. And when we do win? It’s like one giant party with over 90,000 family members. There is truly no other atmosphere like game day in Nebraska. Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed enough to witness that unity on multiple occasions. We are season ticket holders and thankfully I make it to at least one game a year. So in a way, it’s easy for me to understand the overwhelming sense of excitement both the New England and Atlanta communities feel today. A feeling of unity, and what a beautiful feeling it is. Especially since that feeling is all to rare anymore.


Our sons idolize the men on that field. It’s like their own real life super hero. Tom Brady is going for his fifth Super Bowl ring tonight. That shows our little boys that with hard work and dedication they too can be the next ‘Tom Brady’ some day. No dream is too big. It’s all within your reach. The Super Bowl is the big stage in football. The best of the best battling one another for the title of NFL Super Bowl Champion. If our sons put their minds to it they can do it, too. It’s not a Marvel comic, it’s real life. You can do it. 

If you may have a bit of hidden competitiveness in you, I promise when you really start to like football, winning is a beautiful thing too.

There are so many simple beauties in Super Bowl Sunday. They’ve been here all season but today is the day it all comes together. We put the cherry on top of the 2016-2017 season. Tonight, we claim our NFL Super Bowl 51 Champion. For a few hours we can forget the things that have been dividing us over the last year. We can cross that line we’ve drawn, quit screaming at one another and cheer on our teams together. We can enjoy great food, great friends and great football. Our sons can watch their real life superheroes battle for that number one spot. And if anything, you know something crazy at some point during the game will happen. Lady Gaga is performing at half time.. It’s bound to happen. When something crazy happens, the internet is right there to make the next big-meme. If anything, look forward to what meme will be flooding your News Feed tomorrow. If you embrace it, you just might find the beauty in football. The feeling of togetherness and being able to forget our real-world problems for a few hours. You don’t have to be a hardcore football fan to enjoy today, but you do have to allow yourself to enjoy it.. for more than just the commercials. Open your heart to football and I can promise, you will enjoy yourself.

So grab your party platters and a koozie, prop up your feet and enjoy what should be an amazing game!……… Of Tom Brady getting his fifth ring.

Let’s go Pats!

tombrady (1).gif


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