An Open Letter to My Papa..


As you know I’m still trying out this whole “blogging” thing and part of that is figuring out what to write about. Well as many times as I’ve mentioned Mom in my posts so far, I think it’s only right to include you too.


First off, I want to thank you. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being there in the obvious “Dad” ways with advice, being my shoulder to cry on, etc. etc. etc. But for being there in the ways that may not seem so obvious.. Like watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette with me every season. Sometimes when the world gets a little to overwhelming, all I need is that hour or two to sit and watch crappy reality television with my dad. To escape the stresses of day to day life and laugh about how terrible Corrine is this season. Seriously, she’s my age and she has a nanny. We’ve honestly hit a new low with this season. But as bad as it is, I still look forward to it every year.


Thank you for always being my wing-man. Whether that be to concerts, football games, baseball games. You were my wing-man for the 2014 World Series clinching game against the Orioles, my wing-man for The Who concert, for more Nebraska games than I can accurately keep track of. You’ve shared so many experiences with me and I can’t thank you enough for all of them. You’ve taken the time to teach me the beauty of sports. I’ve witnessed first hand the unity that a post-season baseball game can bring a community. I’ve witnessed first hand the unity that a regular season football game can bring a community. Sitting in Memorial Stadium is like sitting with 90,000 some family members. It’s like one giant family reunion and I look forward to it every season. You’ve shared all of this with me, along with many other memories and I am beyond grateful. I’ve had TWO once in a lifetime experiences.. and I’m only 23 years young. I’m well aware of how rare that is. How lucky I am. And it’s because of you. You work so hard to not only provide a roof over our head, food on the table, all of the basics things needed to support a family. You do all that and then some. You always go the extra mile.

giphy (4).gif

If I could have one wish for the world, it would be that everyone could have a dad like you. Loyal, loving, positive, hardworking, funny, completely selfless. I recognize how blessed I am to be able to call you my dad. And more importantly, how blessed Liam is to have you as a Grandpa. You have taken the “Grandpa” role head on. As great of a dad as you are, you’re an even better Grandpa. I didn’t think that could even be possible. You have opened your heart to Liam completely and I am so thankful he has a role model like you to look up to.

Not only have you selflessly shared many amazing experiences with me, but you’ve taught me so much. You’ve taught me the value of hard work. I will always take pride in my work ethic. How could I not have been a hard worker when I was raised by one of the hardest working men in the world? You’ve taught me patience and acceptance. That it’s okay to disagree with people but it’s never okay to judge them. We don’t understand what they may be going through. So though it’s okay to disagree, it’s not okay to judge and rather than putting someone down we should help lift them up. You’ve been trying like Hell to teach me finances and I promises I’m closer than I was before! If I had to pick the most important thing you’ve taught me, it would be that it’s okay to be scared as a parent. And that was something I truly needed to hear. That you were scared when you brought me home. Because it helped me realize that it’s okay. If my Dad, one of the closest people to a Saint I know and my real life Superman was scared.. Then I can be scared too. Being scared may actually be a quality of a good parent. It was then that I truly felt like I might just be able to be a decent mom to Liam. Cool-mom.gif

You’ll never know how much it meant to me when you told me that, Papa.

I want to keep this short and sweet. This is merely a preface to our book of memories and we still have plenty of chapters left to write. Now we have a new character that’s joined our story and I can’t wait to see what you two come up with together. I hope you never question my love for you, Papa. I am thankful for how hard you work for us. You have helped shape me into the woman I’m becoming and that woman is one I can finally look at and start to like what I see. And that’s because of you! So here’s to the chapters we’ve written and the chapters to come. You know I’m not a big fan of reading, but this is a book I don’t want to put down.

Thanks for being an author with me. 


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