Why Am I Anxious?..

"Why are you anxious..?" You ask me. What's funny is, you have no idea that in my head I'm asking myself the exact same thing. '...Why am I anxious?' I ask myself for what seems like the 100th time today. The truth is, I have no idea. If I knew why I was anxious, I... Continue Reading →

Did You Say, Target?

Across my different social media platforms my biographies all say, "The self-proclaimed spokeswoman for all things Target". That being said, I figured it was only appropriate to finally write an article about the store we all love to hate and hate to love. "Love to hate?" you may have just asked yourself. Yes. Love to... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Football

Here it is. Super Bowl Sunday. Many men all over the country have been looking forward to this day whether as Falcons fans, Patriots fans or just fans of football watching to make sure the Patriots lose. Many women could care less about the Super Bowl. They're either watching for the commercials and the half... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to My Papa..

Papa, As you know I'm still trying out this whole "blogging" thing and part of that is figuring out what to write about. Well as many times as I've mentioned Mom in my posts so far, I think it's only right to include you too. First off, I want to thank you. Thank you for... Continue Reading →

A Letter To Myself at 18..

Many people talk about what they would say if they could write a letter to their seventeen year old selves. Just look at Brad Paisley; he made millions writing a song about it. Well I probably won't make millions... sigh... but I'm going to take it up a year. And write an open letter to myself at... Continue Reading →

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